4A Hanbury Park Road

A brief photographic record of the build, from December 2002

The gardens of two existing homes were purchased, stitched together and detailed planning submitted for a five bed detatched.


Christmas 2002, A mini digger was hired for garden clearance.

Everything had to go..

Demolition - two days, clearance - three days.


Setting out (January 7).


Engine problems..


Digging out (the living room).


The first block is laid, early Feb.


Some help arrives.


Cutting a block (2nd week in February)


Picture of the drains on a cold morning, mid March.


Ready for the concrete lorry...again.


The worst part is done (beginning of April).


On with the first lift.


Holding up the level.


Time for the TJI joists and steels. (sometime in May)


The kitchen.


Floor boards! (silent floor system)


Ready for the wall plate. (mid June)


Front arch, bedroom two.


Ready for the trusses..


A rainy summers day.


Trusses nearly on.


Not far to go!


Bloody chimneys, I hate em.


Where's the stihl saw?


The last brick is laid, yihaaa! (beginning of July)


Taking shelter again..


Roof on, in the dry.


Windows please.


Stud walls upstairs.


Foul drains being connected.


Four metres deep! (cost a bomb)




Kitchen is taking shape.


Construction of the front garden wall.


Some fancy bits needed I think.


Block paving finished.


Bedroom one.


The gallery!


The kitchen.


Living room.


Dining room.


Completed - September 5th 2003. NHBC CML Certificate issued 18/9/03






Loft Conversion

Subsequent loft conversion - 2009

(Six years later)


Re-siting the hot water tank against the end wall.


Slowly removing the wind-bracing and cutting out the new access for the stairs.


Putting in the Velux windows.


Fitting the new 7x2's.


Fixing the timbers using coach bolts, and dog-tooth washers.


The "eleven metre" steel beams being manufactured.


Each one fabricated into five boltable sections.


Fixing steel box lintels and bolting together the large heavy beams.


120 high tensile steel bolts per beam, 22mm.


Fixing struts & 9" joists. Using small truss timbers for outer wall studding.


Bringing up the floor boards.


Removed the internal truss timbers.


Screwed in last of the noggins, tidying up & preparing for the next stage.


Plumbing, plasterboards & insulation.


Studding end wall & wiring for the electrics.


Plasterboarding walls & ceilings - fireboard.


Taking shape!


Finished plasterboard & filled in the curves.


Ready for plaster.


View of water tank in loft cupboard.


Plastering finished & spindles for top of stairs.


2nd fix electrics, radiators, skirting & painted!


Space saving stairs in. Lights work!.


Stained posts & fitted carpet.


Top room finished.


Loft cupboard.


Another view.


A view down the stairs.


A view up the stairs!


Enclosed access with fire check door.


Crane in the furniture!!